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  • Attention GOES Users! (9/12/2022):
    On September 13, 2022, there will be an outage of GOES-16/17/18 level 1b and L2+ data delivered to CLASS and cloud partners for 10 hours from 1100 to 2100 UTC. GOES-R ground system upgrades to an Oracle database and NFS (network file system) as part of EI (enterprise infrastructure) build 24.01.00, requires data operations to go offline during the upgrade. The data will not be recoverable after the maintenance has completed. This software patch/upgrade will be postponed if a Critical Weather Day (CWD) is declared. Please contact the CLASS Help Desk if you have any questions.

  • Attention JPSS Users! (update #1 - 9/1/2022):

    The S-NPP ATMS SDR, TDR, and Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS) EDRs are approved to return to operations starting on September 1, 2022 @ 1900 UTC. Please note that the gap from August 28 @ ~10:45 UTC to Sept 1 @ ~1900 UTC cannot be filled.

  • Attention JPSS Data Users! (update #4 - 8/31/2022):

    The S-NPP OMPS instrument suite is the latest instrument to return to nominal operations. Below are the returning start dates and times.

    ATMS: August 10, 2022 @ 1525 UTC
    CrIS: August 13, 2022 @ 0000 UTC
    VIIRS: August 15, 2022 @ 0000 UTC
    OMPS: August 18, 2022 @ 17:20 UTC for Total Column Science SDR and August 25 @ 19:15 UTC for Nadar Profile Science SDR.

    Please note! No data was produced by the S-NPP during the time the satellite was in safe mode state from 16:25 UTC on July 26, 2022 up until the dates and times listed above.

    To receive notifications from ESPC concerning S-NPP data, please send an email request to Otherwise, please contact the CLASS Helpdesk for assistance.

  • Attention CLASS Users! GOES-18 ABI data is now available. (7/28/2022):

    GOES-18 ABI L1b radiance data and ABI L2 Cloud and Moisture Imagery (CMI) products have been declared Provisional Validation maturity and are now available under the GOES-R Series ABI Products search page

  • Attention JPSS Users. The cache will be reduced from 90 days to 60 days (7/26/2022):

    The CLASS ftp storage area that contains a 90-day rolling cache of tarred JPSS products will be reduced to 60 days starting on 8/26/2022 and completing on 9/1/2022! If you need more information or have any questions, please contact the CLASS Helpdesk.

  • Attention CLASS Users! (07/21/2022):
    CLASS has begun receiving three new VIIRS Flood Map products on July 21, 2022. These are the 1-Day and 5-Day Gridded Composites located under the River and Surface Flood Map Products search page. The third product is the VIIRS Global Flood Map product located under the JPSS VIIRS Products (JPSS_GRAN) search page. The products are in netCDF-4 format. Please contact the CLASS Helpdesk if you have any questions.

  • Attention NOAA-20 CrIS SDR and NUCAP OLR Users! (3/16/2022):
    A NOAA-20 CrIS scan baffle temperature anomaly has triggered the quality flags on the CrIS SDR and NUCAPS OLR products to be set as 'degraded' condition, when in reality, the data is still good. While the CrIS team is working on the changes to fix it, we advise users to ignore those flags and consider the data as good data. For further details please see:

  • Attention JPSS Data Users! (updated on 3/16/2022):
    CLASS is now receiving reprocessed Sensor Data Records (SDR) for all instruments flown on S-NPP and reprocessed Temperature Data Records (TDR) for the ATMS instrument flown on S-NPP. The date range which covers the reprocessing period for each instrument is:
    • *ATMS SDR/TDR (2011-11-08 - 2019-10-15) - The complete record is now available under RPATMSSDR and RPATMSTDR (01/31/2022)
    • *CrIS SDR (2012-02-20 - 2020-01-29) - The complete record is now available under RPCRISSDR (03/11/2022)
    • *OMPS SDR (2012-01-30 - 2020-05-30) - The complete record is now available under RPOMPSSDR (03/16/2022)
    • *VIIRS SDR (2012-01-02 - 2020-04-30)

    At an ingest rate of 3TB per/day the completion date is estimated for June 2023. The VIIRS data is the largest volume by far and will be the last to ingest. Users can download the global data files from the ftp server at under the STAR subfolder. The data will remain on the server for about 85 days. Searches for regional data on the individual search pages will remain disabled until the data are 100% available. Please contact the CLASS Helpdesk for details.

  • Attention New CLASS Users! See tutorial on accessing data from CLASS (4/12/2018):

    Please click on the following link to get step by step instructions on how to use CLASS to search and order data:

    If you have any questions or need assistance please submit an email to CLASS Help Desk.