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  • Attention ALL CLASS Users! (02/26/2021):
    Beginning March 3, 2021, CLASS will implement a mechanism to ensure that your orders continue to be processed in a timely fashion. In order to do this CLASS will accept up to a maximum of 25 orders per 24 hour period in order to prohibit excessive numbers of orders placed by those very few users. Also, CLASS will continue to increase the allowed file count limits on those datasets containing high daily counts of files. If you have a need to place more than 25 orders per day or have any questions, please contact CLASS Helpdesk. Thank you.

  • Attention ALL CLASS Users! (12/23/2020):
    The following web browsers, Firefox and Chrome, will no longer support ftp download after January 1, 2021. IE will support ftp through August, 2021. Please consider using Filezilla ( or Winscp ( If you have any questions, please contact the CLASS Helpdesk.

  • Attention ALL CLASS Users! (11/30/2020):
    The CLASS Boulder, CO web site and order processing will be deferred to the CLASS Asheville, NC site beginning on 12/1/20. We recommend bookmarking the URL: However, for the time being users going to will be redirected to

    As mentioned earlier, all orders placed after 11/30/20 will be processed and delivered from CLASS Asheville ftp site at In the interim, any orders delivered to the Boulder site at will remain until the data expires.

    Contact the CLASS Helpdesk for any questions.

  • Attention JPSS Data users! (11/18/2020):
    The URL: - where the most recent 90 days of daily JPSS products were hosted, will be retired on December 31, 2020. No new data will be written to the site after December 1, 2020. The replacement URL is, which now contains data since October 15, 2020. Please start using the new site as soon as feasible. Contact the CLASS Helpdesk for any questions.

  • Attention New CLASS Users – See tutorial on accessing data from CLASS (4/12/2018):

    Please click on the following link to get step by step instructions on how to use CLASS to search and order data:

    If you have any questions or need assistance please submit an email to CLASS Help Desk.