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    Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Data Records from Suomi NPP - The Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) is a scanning radiometer that collects visible and infrared imagery and radiometric measurements of the land, atmosphere, cryosphere, and oceans. The VIIRS instrument includes 22 spectral bands: 16 moderate-resolution, narrow-spectral-band at 750 meter resolution, five imaging-resolution, narrow-spectral-band at 375 meter resolution and one Day-Night Band imaging broadband at 750 meter resolution. VIIRS data are distributed through the NOAA Comprehensive Large Array-Data Stewardship System (CLASS) in the Hierarchical Data Format v.5 (HDF5) with metadata attributes included.

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    (Posted 09/13/2023) - Please note, CLASS offers a reprocessed version (pre 05/01/2020) of this data using the improved algorithms. See the RPVIIRSNG products search page for details.

    (Posted 06/24/2020) - NOTE: A number of legacy JPSS products within this family are no longer being produced as of 2020-06-24. Please refer to the list of deprecated products along with the corresponding replacement products here.

    With the release of Block 2.0 on 3/8/2017, the VIIRS Cloud Mask (CM) IP product will become an EDR product. If you subscribe to the VIIRS CM IP, please create a new VIIRS_EDR subscription for this product.



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Intermediate Product
VIIRS Cloud Mask Intermediate Product (IICMO) (public 05/02/12 - 03/08/2017)
VIIRS Parallax Corrected Cloud Mask IP (IVPCM) (public 08/03/2017 - 06/24/2020)
VIIRS Aerosol Model Information (IVAMI) (public 01/23/2013 - 06/24/2020)
VIIRS Aerosol Optical Thickness (IVAOT) (public 01/23/2013 - 06/24/2020)
VIIRS Bright Pixel (IVBPX) (restricted)
VIIRS Calibrated Dual-Gain Band (IVCDB) (restricted)
VIIRS Cloud Base Height (IVCBH) (restricted)
VIIRS Cloud Cover-Type (IVICC) (restricted)
VIIRS Cloud Layer-Type (IVCLT) (restricted)
VIIRS Cloud Optical Properties (IVCOP) (restricted)
VIIRS Cloud Top Parameters (IVCTP) (restricted)
VIIRS Ice & Night Water Cloud Top Temperature (IVIWT) (restricted)
VIIRS Ice Concentration (IVIIC) (public 10/15/2012 - 06/24/2020)
VIIRS Ice Quality Flags (IVIQF) (restricted)
VIIRS Ice Reflectance/Temperature (IVIRT) (restricted)
VIIRS Ice Weights (IVIIW) (restricted)
VIIRS On-board Calibrator (IVOBC) (restricted)
VIIRS Parallax Corrected Cloud Optical Parameters (IVPCP) (restricted)
VIIRS Parallax Corrected Cloud Top Parameters (IVPTP) (restricted)
VIIRS Snow Ice Cover (IVSIC) (restricted)
VIIRS Surface Reflectance (IVISR) (public 11/28/2012 - 06/24/2020)
VIIRS Surface Temperature (IVSTP) (restricted)
VIIRS Un-Aggregated 750m Dual-Gain Band Geo IP (ICDBG) (restricted)



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