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    Total Ozone from Analysis of Stratospheric and Tropospheric components (TOAST) - TOAST is a total column ozone map generated by combining TOVS tropospheric and lower stratospheric (4 to 23 km) ozone measurements with SBUV/2 spatially smoothed mid-to-upper stratospheric (24 to 54 km) layer ozone measurements. The TOAST system takes total and profile ozone retrievals, as well as some other information, from the daily PMF to conduct the objective analysis. One of the resulted analysis fields, the SBUV/2 middle-to-upper stratospheric layer ozone (MSUS), is then combined with the TOVS upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric layer ozone (UTLS) to form the TOAST total ozone product. The TOAST system has three types of output files: direct access binary data, GRIB format data and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images. Since it is feasible to make runs using multiple SBUV satellite inputs, in all instances below the Nxx specifier in the name may be repeated (when using multiple SBUVs). (Ex. If SBUV satellites 16 and 19 were used, the Nxx term would become NxxNxx and would be replaced with N16N19 in the filenames). This exception is only valid with SBUV files and a maximum of three satellites can be used during a run. For TOVS it is feasible to use either NOAA or METOP source data as inputs, in all instances below the [Nyy,My] specifier in the name would be replaced with either N19 or M2 or M1.All output data described in this section are direct access binary files with record length of 260640 bytes, which represent a (360, 181) array of 4-byte floating point values. Each record holds a 2-D global 1°×1° gridded analysis. The first data value in a record is for the point centered at (0.5°E, 90°S).

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