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    GOES-R Series SEISS L1b Data Products (GRSEISPRD) - GOES-R Series SEISS L1b Data Products (GRSEISPRD) - SEISS L1B Data Products

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    (4/18/2019) - Datatype SEIS-L1b-MPSL from GOES-16 is publicly available as of March 29, 2019. Data from March 29, 2019 to present are at the "Provisional Validation" level. Please see the README files for details. These data should not be used scientifically without first examining the README files available through NCEI.

    (7/12/2018) - Datatypes SEIS-L1b-EHIS and SEIS-L1b-SGPS data are publicly available on July 11, 2018. Data from July 11, 2018 to the present are at "provisional validation" level. Please see the EHIS Readme and the SGPS Readme files for details. The Readme files explain appropriate usage and caveats for the data, and these data should NOT be used scientifically without first examining the information in these Readme files.

    Other SEISS datatypes will be available after the corresponding sensors reach Provisional maturity. While the GOES-16 L1b SEIS-L1b-EHIS and SEIS-L1b-SGPS data have reached provisional validation, please keep in mind that these products have not been fully validated.

    Aggregated daily versions of the granular data available in CLASS are available through the NCEI GOES-R Space Weather Site. Please contact at

    For questions first check the FAQ, otherwise please contact CLASS Help Desk at


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SEISS L1b Energetic Heavy Ions (EHIS) Data
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SEISS L1b Magnetospheric Electrons and Protons: Medium & High Energy (MPSH) Data
SEISS L1b Solar and Galactic Protons (SGPS) Data


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