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    AVHRR CoastWatch Southeast Regional Node Data, February 1989-March 2004 - The sea surface temperature (SST) products were derived from NOAA's Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites (POES) for the coastal United States and created by NOAA CoastWatch Program. CoastWatch started with only POES/AVHRR SST data for the East Coast, but later added more regional nodes of Alaska, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Great Lakes, Northeast, Southeast and West Coast. The products provided here are in the original CoastWatch Format, which does not apply to the SST data currently created. The new data is now provided in HDF format.

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B7-NLSST daytime/nighttime split-window
BM-Multiple SST algorithm daytime and nighttime
C1-Channel 1 Albedo
C2-Channel 2 Albedo
C3-Channel 3 Brightness temperatures
C4-Channel 4 Brightness temperatures
C5-Channel 5 Brightness temperatures
CM-Cloud Mask
D1-MCSST daytime split-window
D2-MCSST daytime dual-window
D4-CPSST daytime split-window
D5-CPSST daytime dual-window
D6-CPSST daytime triple-window
D7-NLSST daytime split-window
S1-MCSST nighttime split-window
S2-MCSST nighttime dual-window
S3-MCSST nighttime triple-window
S6-CPSST nighttime triple-window
S7-NLSST nighttime split-window
S9-NLSST nighttime triple-window
SM-Multiple SST algorithm nightti
ZA-Solar zenith angle

East Florida
Extended Southeast Region
Full Regional Panel
North Carolina
South Carolina and Georgia
South Florida
West Florida
Whole Region Synoptic

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