RSS Feed

On the menu bar under the NOAA logo (the one with >>CLASS Home >> login >> Register >>Help) there will now be a ">> RSS" with the RSS being an orange RSS logo.

Scrren capture of the RSS log in link

If you click on this item it will take you to a page will display a page titles "CLASS - RSS Feed."

This examples shows the differences between News and Notices being displayed. there is a time stamp to show when the item was published.

Screen capture of the RRS Feed option.


Click on the "Subscribe to feed RSS Button"

Subscribe to feed results screen


If you click the "Subscribe to feed <rss button>" link, it'll take you to the pure XML that you will subscribe to. Depending on what browser, and what RSS reader you are using, there will be different steps from here.

For IE Reader, Firefox Reader, and Google Reader, all three provide the XML into a styled output and provide you with a link to subscribe to this feed.

Internet Explorer Sample

Internet Explorere reader sample

Firefox Sample

Firefox reader Sample

Once a user is subscribed, all data pushed out to the CLASS RSS Feed should notify you in your RSS Feeder.