Suomi NPP Auxiliary Data (NP_AUX)

Data Usage Guidance/Restrictions

The operational data for this datatype is available to all registered CLASS users. Pre-operational data may be restricted to authorized users. To become an authorized user, send a request to the CLASS Help Desk.

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Dataset Name

The name of the Level 1B data set archived at CLASS. The name has the following format: ProductID_npp_dyyyymmdd where ProductID=any 5-character data product ID, yyyy=4-digit year, mm=2-digit month, dd=2-digit day or entire dataset name.

With the release of B2.0 on 3/8/17, the file naming convention remained the same, but the values in the 'origin' field changed (see last field excluding the extension). For B1.2, the origin value was 'noaa'. With B2.0, the origin values are 'noau', 'noac', 'nobc', 'nobu', 'cocu', and 'cocc'. 4-character 'origin' field:

  • 1st character - NSOF or CBU created the product
  • 2nd character - indicates Operational
  • 3rd character - indicates which IDPS string produced the product (a/b/c)
  • 4th character - indicates product delivery compression - 'c' for compressed or 'u' for uncompressed

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    Refers to the identifier for the IDP/FT or C3S originating the data.

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    Origin Domain

    The three-character identifier of C3S or the IDPS processing domain that is distributing the auxiliary data.

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    Abbreviation that identifies the satellite that acquired the dataset.

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    Refers to the time span of interest to the user. This section of the search page allows the user to define the range of dates/times of interest.

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