Data Usage Guidance/Restrictions

The operational data for this datatype is available to all registered CLASS users. Pre-operational data may be restricted to authorized users. To become an authorized user, send a request to the CLASS Help Desk.

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MIRS Mapped Level-3 Sounding Products HDF-EOS Format: DMAPSNDHE

MIRS Mapped Level-3 Precipitation and Surface Products HDF-EOS Format: DMAPIMGHE

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F17 Air Force F17
F16 Air Force F16
N15 NOAA-15
N16 NOAA-16
N17 NOAA-17
N18 NOAA-18

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Refers to the time span of interest to the user. This section of the search page allows the user to define the range of dates/times of interest.

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Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the international time standard. It is the current term for what was referred to as Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT). Zero (0) hours UTC is midnight in Greenwich England, which lies on the zero longitudinal meridian. Universal time is based on a 24 hour clock, therefore, afternoon hours such as 4 pm UTC are expressed as 16:00 UTC (sixteen hours, zero minutes).

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