NPP FTP Server Help

CLASS provides daily tar files containing publicly available NPP products (excluding the Raw Data Records) for easy anonymous FTP download at:

Files are organized into sub-folders by date, family, and datatype in this format:<Date>/<Family>/<Datatype>/

Sample of VIIRs datatype

For example, all VIIRS Imagery Band 01 EDR files from 2012/08/20 can be downloaded from this directory:

As CLASS receives the NPP datasets, they are individually compressed into a standard "gzip" format and "tar"-ed together in batches of less than 2 GBs for easy download. A sequence number suffix is added to the end to designate that they are a set of files. You will recognize the product name from the CLASS data Family search page.  For the current Datatype example, users will see the following in the datatype sub-directory:


CLASS also produces a XML manifest of the datasets contained within each tar, which is stored in the same directory and similarly named:


Tags within these manifests designate the dataset names (<FileName>), file size in bytes (<FileSize>), and MD5 checksum (<FileChecksum>), among other information for the tar file itself such as the total uncompressed dataset volume (<UnCompressedFileVolume>) and the tar MD5 checksum to ensure integrity (<TarChecksum>).

Some datatypes may also have related geolocation data. These geo files are provided in their own separate datatype directory for that day, but for user convenience we have placed a directory link in the main datatype directory.

Sample of geolocation data

If you are interested in receiving automated notification of new tar files, we provide RSS feeds by datatype at:<Datatype>.xml

As in the previous example, all provided VIIRS 01 EDRs are given through this feed file:

You can add the URL to this XML file to any standard RSS reader software to receive a list of all currently-available files on the FTP server, and receive continual updates as new ones are added.